A Guy With No Experience Had a Crazy Idea. And The Result Is Simply BRILLIANT

I forgot to take a picture of the trailer to start with, but this is a close model of the one I bought.
Building the floor frame so I can put some insulation in it.
Cut out the frames for the walls to see how they fit together.
I really had no idea what I was doing so I just started building a frame around the walls.
Set the insulation in and set the walls up
Built the curved pieces of the frame
Built the frames for the doors. Again I had no idea what I was doing so I made it up as I went along.
Added the two door frames and electrical wiring. I had no previous electrical experience so this was very tricky and frustrating. Once I did the electrical I started putting the insulation in.
Fit the interior walls in and finished installing the insulation. I actually ended up putting the wiring inside the insulation.
Tons of clamps, glue, and screws to hold the interior walls in place.
Adding the support spines for the roof
Cutting out the hole for the vent fan
Setting in the vent fan and installing the interior walls of the trailer
Starting on building the doors
Seeing how the doors fit on the trailer.
The start of the kitchen area
Hard angle to see but I built some cubby hole storage above the feet area in the inside.
Adding the exterior insulation.
Slowly curving the plywood pieces. This was a very long, hard, and frustrating process.
Again cutting out the hole for the vent fan. I was tired and it was getting late.
Building the frame for the hatchback. This design failed. I ended up breaking 3 hatchbacks before I got a design to work.
doors set on, fan vent on, It is starting to look good.
Almost completed kitchen. I used the cans of food to measure where I wanted to put the shelves.
Installing the exterior siding. I chose to go with aluminum because it looked cool. There were some other reasons to.
Little bits of metal everywhere!
Really happy with how it is turning out
View from the other side
Stained the inside and installed the lights. I like how it turned out.
The little thing in the corner is for cell charging and a book light at night. I got my grandfather to build those for me. He wanted to help out more but he is unfortunately too old at this point to help out with huge projects like this.
Securing the top part of the siding.
installing the trim and fan
Disaster stuck on the hatchback. the wooden spine I built broke on installation. I was devastated.
It took me 2 months to go back and work on the trailer. I asked around tnttt.com to find out what to do about the hatcback. I cut the new ribs out of a sheet of plywood and then glued them together. This was strong enough to not break on installation.
About 90% done. Had to move the trailer because my dad wanted to use his garage again.
Stained the kitchen and painted the sink door. I am pretty happy with the sink door.
First trip to Guadalupe River State Park. It did great and looks awesome.
My girlfriend in the bed.

It took about 2 months of work and a lot of frustrations but I think it is worth it. I have a huge sense of accomplishment from taking on such a huge task with very little background and experience.

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